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Living in Sacramento you have several wine regions to select from. Choices are many Napa Valley wine tours, Amador wine tours, El Dorado wine tours, Lodi wine tours and at least another dozen wine tour regions. It’s sometimes difficult to know which wineries are best for your group, Merlot’s, Chardonnay’s, Cabernet’s or Zinfandel’s. Let our wine specialist assist you in finalizing the perfect wine tour for your group.

Inquire about our all-inclusive wine tour. Register your VIP confirmation number and receive complimentary tastings, VIP vintners meet and greet, scheduled winery appointments, lunch at some of the finest restaurants in the region and the confidence that your driver knows exactly what he/she is doing. Our drivers are compensated well and it clearly shows by the quality of our chauffeurs. With today’s tough economic times we understand we’re all looking for savings anywhere we can, but cutting the income of the persons who the lives of our customers is in his/her hand is something Party Bus 916 will not consider. Other companies boast about paying their drives minimums we won’t consider it.

With thirty-two years of experience Party Bus 916 has developed personal relationships with vintners and restaurateurs’ in all regions of Napa, Amador, El Dorado and Lodi. Inquire about our expressway routing which saves time and money on your busy wine tour. Napa Valley offers some of the most famous wineries in the world, Domain Chandon, Beringer, Ravenwoods, Cakebread, Duckhorn, V. Sattui, just to name a few. There is absolutely nothing Party Bus 916 can’t accomplish whether its dinner at a premier restaurant or mud baths in Calistoga, contact one of our wine specialist for more details.

The number one consumer tip is to simply get in your car and go see what you’re spending hundreds of your hard earned dollars on renting. Don’t take any excuse from any operator that is purposely trying to mislead you and not show you their vehicle. Here’s a tip: make them show you the vehicle in the daylight hours, pull it out of their backyard, garage or storage yard, start the vehicle to make sure all of the components work like the stereo, lights, a/c, etc. Also look for balding tires because this is a big indicator that the vehicle is not being properly maintained. Make them put it in the contract with the license plate number of the vehicle that you personally viewed. Ask them to show you their Workman’s Compensation policy to make sure that their drivers are legal. Finally, if the person you are speaking with over the phone wants to meet you at a gas station, restaurant, supermarket parking lot, etc. to consummate a financial transaction, do not go. In this industry we cannot express enough how these operators continue to exist. They prey on the people that don’t get in the car and look at what they are spending their money on.

I will never forget the client who stated to our call center operator, it’s illegal to put anything false on the internet.

When visiting our showroom and office you will be confident you’re dealing with the premier company in Sacramento. We built this large fleet on providing quality service with reliable drivers and great customer service.


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